Lisbeth is an visuel storyteller who has opened a door to her inner universe for the world to see. A universe that reveals a lifetime of impressions that have been tucked away in remote corners of her mind. Fueled by her interaction with nature, music – and people around her. Processed by a creative and ultra perceptive soul. And now they’re out in the open. Captured and converted to people and animals. So still, yet so alive and with a vulnerability that touches even the toughest viewer. The paintings pull you in and make you go though an emotional turmoil, ignited by a common reference.

Lisbeth’s feelings are, in fact, your own feelings. Her experience becomes your own. Because you have been there too. You know it, the instant you connect with the person in the frame. That person becomes you. Disturbing, yet liberating. You know that you’re not alone with those feelings anymore. Everything will be all right.

It's Ok Now

Lisbeth Lunda launched in 2020 and 2021 her project SEE-SOUL-SOUND created in collaboration with Kasper Eistrup, the frontman of the Danish alternative rock band Kashmir.

Every piece is an interpretation of one of Kasper/Kasmir’s stong lyric’s/number that have a special meaning for Lunda. The SEE-SOUL-SOUND series brought Lunda into the international artpress in a large artikel in Wall Street International


You will find Lunda's permanent place of exhibition in the beautiful RAN Gallery.

Which is locaded in St. Kongensgade 58,  in the center of Copenhagen and in the gallery district. If not attending other exhibitons, Lunda is going to be in the gallery  Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to 5.30 pm. For other visiting hours please call +4526721504 for appointment.

You will also find some of Lunda's art in the No9 Gallery i the beautiful Ebletoft.
The adress is: Jernbanegade 9, Ebletoft


In cooperation with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (DN)

September 16th at 16 o'clock - St.  Kongensgade 58, 1264 Copenhagen K.

Lunda has joined the Danish Society for Nature Conservation in the fight to save some of the endangered species in Denmark. "The animals have no voice them self, we can not hear their cries for help, so I will be that voice through my art" says Lunda. – She has committed to paint 4 painting of 4 different endangered animals

which also will be made in 30 ps. unique gold Icons, signed and numberd.

20 of the will be donated to DN.

The winereception on September 16th in RAN Galleri, will be opend by the

DN president Maria Reumert Gjerding.


September 30th to October 2nd - Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen

Together with around 150 taltentet artists and several galleries, you will find Lunda at this years Kunst For Alle.


August 24th to 29th 2023 - Bredgade 22, 1260 Copenhagen K.

An exhibition about iconic women throughout history, that have lost something, just becaurse they where women. All the paintings are made as gold ICON's. Follow the progress on Instragram