Lisbeth Lunda (born 1967 in Broenderslev, Denmark) is an educated art director with 25+ years’ experience in the advertising industry after which she changed gear. She is a graphic designer, a digital artist and now in full bloom as a self-taught painter with focus on big-framed acrylics. 

Lunda has opened a door to her inner universe for the world to see. A universe that reveals a lifetime of impressions that have been tucked away in remote corners of her mind. Fueled by her interaction with nature, music – and people around her. Processed by a creative and ultra perceptive soul. And now they’re out in the open. Captured and converted to people and animals. So still, yet so alive and with a vulnerability that touches even the toughest viewer. The paintings pull you in and make you go though an emotional turmoil, ignited by a common reference. Lunda’s feelings are, in fact, your own feelings. Her experience becomes your own. Because you have been there too. You know it, the instant you connect with the person in the frame. That person becomes you. Disturbing, yet liberating. You know that you’re not alone with those feelings anymore. Everything will be all right.  


The project was ‘See-soul-sound’ (2020 - 2021) created in collaboration with Kasper Eistrup, the frontman of the Danish alternative rock band Kashmir.

In this universe, the title of every painting corresponds to a Kashmir song, and the experience exploring the music and the lyrics together with the deep expressions of the vibrant creatures in the picture transfers the spectator into a whole new universe through a powerful symbiosis.


Lunda Lunda currently lives and works in Copenhagen, and in her contryhouse in Gilleleje, where she can get really close to the nature.


Farum Kulturhus - Farum, Denmark, CONVERSATTION & SEE-SOUL-SOUND - soloexhibition 2022

Galleri Haraldur – Ordrup, Denmark - solo exhibition 2021

The Art Fair // Kunst For Alle - Copenhagen - Artfair 2021

Galleri Bredgade 22, Copenhagen, SEE-SOUL-SOUND II- solo exhibition 2021

Missisippi Kunst og Kultur, Thyholm, Denmark - group exhibition 2020

Galleri Bredgade 22, Copenhagen, SEE-SOUL-SOUND I - solo exhibition 2020

Artfair Kunst 2100 - Dokken, Copenhagen - Artfair 2020

Artfair Creative Mind - Dokken, Copenhagen - Artfair 2019

Old Brompton Gallery - London - solo exhibition 2019 - See the 3D version here

Galleri Bredgade 22 - Copenhagen, CONVERSATIONS II - solo exhibition 2019

Gallery Saphere Aude - Copenhagen - group exhibition 2019

Gallery Global Gathering - Tianjin city – China - group exhibition 2018 & 19

The Art Fair // Kunst For Alle - Copenhagen - Artfair 2018

Galleri Bredgade 22 - Copenhagen - Break Cancer group exhibition 2018

Gallery Saphere Aude - Copenhagen - group exhibition 2018

Galleri Bredgagde 22 - Copenhagen, CONVERSATIONS I, solo exhibition 2018